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Job Hunting
With so many skilled candidates in today's workforce competing for the same job, you have to ensure that you have what it takes to stand out from the pack. One of the first steps to accomplishing this is writing a great resume. At, we build top-notch resumes, know how to format a resume and, which many of our clients have attested to, and we are an authority on writing excellent resumes to accompany effective job applications.
Building A Strong Resume Even Before You Start Writing:
We know what it takes to write a winning resume that will help you to land that desired job. You have to have an effective framework for your resume before you even start writing. Although every job applicant knows the importance of a resume, sometimes they do not take enough time to think about what they write before they actually write it on paper. This may sound trivial, but it is very important. Missed or overlooked details are potentially harmful to your overall job application. Here are a few things to consider before writing your resume:
What is Your Personal Brand?
Resume Summary Statement. When applying for a job, the applicants are basically 'selling' themselves and their skills to the prospective employers or clients. As such, an applicant needs to know their personal brand. Do you know what your personal brand is? This is one crucial thing to know when building a top notch resume. What do you do best (or even better than others)? Think of the things that motivate you: your purpose, vision, values and passions. These will help you define what your personal brand is. Once you have done that, you should think about how you can effectively summarize your brand to include in your resume. This will be your resume statement that is usually at the top of the first page of your resume. These few lines are your very first impression, and they should summarize what makes you the ideal person for the job. Try to stay away from generic expressions, and dedicate time to writing a thoughtful and professional description of brand 'you'.
Know Your Target 'Audience': Tailor Your Resume.
When applying for a job, the first thing that you should do before writing your resume, is research. Do some research on the company that you are applying for to get a sense of their culture, and to get a good idea of what they do. If you are able to find more information on the particular job position that you are applying for this can be an added advantage. Research helps because it helps you to identify the company's language and even certain key values or words that they associate themselves with. Once you are able to identify these things, incorporate them within your resume and cover letter. Speak the company's language. This method can be used within the summary statement and also in the descriptors that you give of your previous job roles. Remember not to be too generic, but give your resume a personalized and identifiable tone.
Get Started!
We build top notch resumes at, and this is because we take a thorough approach to resume writing from start to finish. Don't waste another day. Within just 48 Hours our editors will review, revamp, and rewrite your resume. You will receive a Word document (.doc), and a PDF version. We can also create an online e-resume that employers can view online. Click Here to get started.
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"I was absolutely frustrated with the lack of responses I was getting (or not getting) from the companies where I had sent an application. What made this rejection worse was the fact that I had painstakingly written and re-written my resume. By asking Simple Resume & Resume Writing for help, I was able to quickly identify the areas of my resume that were lacking in strength. I now have an edited resume that has garnered me an interview next week."
- Bob H. Dearborn, MI
"With all the strain and pressure that accompanies job searching and applications, I am glad that I found Simple Resume & Resume Writing- they made my job ten times easier."
- Ashley S. Chicago, IL

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